Cleaning Your Project

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When opening a game project, UE4 will generate a bunch of files and folders that you might not be immediately familiar with.
These are:

  • .vs (folder, it might be hidden by default)
  • Binaries
  • DerivedDataCache
  • Intermediate
  • Plugins/*/Intermediate (any Intermediate folder inside a plugin)
  • Saved
  • ProjectName.sln (only if your project has c++ code in it)

Given that these files and folders are generated upon compiling the engine, they can be deleted at any time and they are not necessary to keep when archiving or moving the project, same goes for uploading your project to a source control. They are not required and should already be taken care of by the generated Unreal Engine ignore list. Please note that you need to have the the ignore list added to your source control prior to uploading your Unreal directory otherwise it wont be applied to a preexisting file types or folder already added to the version control.
The "Binary" folder inside of plugins should not be deleted as they might contain prebuilt dll which source isn't distributed with the plugin.