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It's possible to customize how nodes in the editor graph are spawned.


You can simply override engine defaults by creating DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini in your project's Config folder.

This will automatically override the engine configuration located in this config file.


Keyboard shortcuts for spawning nodes[edit]

  • This is how to add spawning Custom Event node in blueprint by a combination of E key and LMB.
+Node=(Class=K2Node_CustomEvent Key=E Shift=false Ctrl=false Alt=false)

Autogenerated default events[edit]

This section presents how to customize nodes automatically generated while creating a blueprint of the given class.

  • You can simply remove entries from the list generated by default engine's .ini by copying the line and replacing the plus sign with a minus at the beginning of the line.
-Node=(TargetClass=Actor TargetEvent="ReceiveActorBeginOverlap")
-Node=(TargetClass=Actor TargetEvent="ReceiveTick")
-Node=(TargetClass=ActorComponent TargetEvent="ReceiveTick")
-Node=(TargetClass=UserWidget TargetEvent="Tick")
  • Now you can add your own nodes automatically spawned for your blueprint classes here!
+Node=(TargetClass=YourActor TargetEvent="YourCustomEvent")