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This is an integration to basic documentation for Unreal Landscape tool. After reading this document, you'll be able to obtain the exact size and vertex/meter resolution you need for your landscape,
edit it and get the height you need for your mountains and hills.

Let's get started!

Landscape basics

A landscape is a subdivided plane with a density of 1 vertex per meter.
At Z Scale = 100 it has an height range limit of -256m:256.
If you understand these basic rules, you can get any size at any resolution with height extensions needed.

Changing your size and height extensions

If you need a 2km wide landscape, but you think that a resolution of 1 vertex/ 2 meters is more than enough,
and you want your mountains/hills to be 512 m tall, you can go like this:

  1. create a new landscape with 1009x1009 resolution (as usual, refer to Landscape recommended size)
  2. set X scale to 200.
  3. now your landscape will be not centered anymore: if you want it to be in center of the scene, you must adjust x and y location. you doubled the size of the landscape, so now it has an extent of 1009*2 = 2018 m = 201800 cm(UE units) divide it by two (201800/2 = 100900) and insert them in x and y position of your Landscape actor with a MINUS sign.
  4. basic height extent is 256 at Z scale = 100, so to have it extended to 512, you must multiply Z scale by 2. So set Z scale = 200.
  5. edit your landscape freely