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Welcome to a curated list of online learning resources!

3D Modeling[edit]

Kevin Gallant

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

The channel provides a playlist about how to model a car with the help of blueprints/sketches from scratch. Explains basic concepts and controls of blender next to it.

Level Design[edit]


Level: Beginner

Provides a beginners guide for level design.

Polygon Academy

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

A very inspiring person mostly providing videos about level design and athmospheric setup. His pragmatic approach can also help experts to improve and speed up their workflows.

Mixed Topics[edit]

These resources are excellent to learn about many different aspects of this complex engine.

Mathew Wadstein

Level: Beginner

Youtube tutorial series by Mathew Wadstein is a great way for newcomers to get started with the engine. Episodes are usually short, explaining just a single thing at the time.


Level: Beginner

TwoNeurons covers C++ programming, AI setup, an introduction into the engine and a series explaining how to setup a RTS game from scratch.

Unreal Engine

Level: Everyone

The official Unreal Engine YouTube channel.

Unreal Fest Europe 2019

Level: Intermediate

If you already understand things or two about Unreal Engine, dig through recordings of Unreal Fest. Talks prepared by Epic and other studios using the engine. A lot of the practical knowledge on using tools, optimization, best practices and more. This kind of event we were waiting for, a way to share the collective knowledge of professionals working daily with the engine.

Virtus Learning Hub

Level: Beginner

A hub with a rich amount of topics covering 3D modeling, game design, photoshop, web programming, C++ programming and UE4 subjects like interface design, cinematics & real-time events, FPS game setup, blueprint programming, level design, animations, etc.

Tesla Dev

Level: Beginner

Short video tutorials teaching you how to implement or use one specific thing at a time! Usually less than 10 minutes long Tesla Dev gets you started and has you using all kinds of features of Unreal Engine in no time! Topics cover a huge range of common questions and simple tasks that can range from AI over UI to materials, cinematics and more!


Developing a multiplayer game comes with extra difficulties.

  • You need to carefully plan the implementation of every feature. Will this script be executed on the server, client, replicated from server to all players?
  • How to minimize the amount of data sent over the network? How to ensure the game feels responsive even if the remote server needs to approve every player action in order to prevent cheating?

Fortunately, Unreal Engine 4 provides amazing networking support out of the box. All we need is to learn how to use it.

The Official Networking Documentation

Level: Intermediate

Try it first!

Blueprint Networking Tutorials

Level: Intermediate

A few video tutorials created by Epic.

Unreal Engine 4 Network Compendium

Level: Intermediate

A 100-hundred page compendium written by Cedric 'eXi' Neukirchen is one of the first stops for everyone trying to understand a network layer of UE4.

Gameplay Ability System[edit]

This is a special plugin developed by Epic to be a standard solution to execute gameplay actions over the network.

  • Actions such as dealing damage, casting spells, activating a custom character state.
  • It would be even useful even in a single-player game. Basically, it's a standardized way to implement various mechanics.
  • You won't see in blueprints, but this plugin takes care of optimizing multiplayer code for you. As you wouldn't be simply able to do it with regular blueprints.

Gameplay Ability System Documentation

Level: Intermediate

GitHub project + extensive documentation on GAS including Multiplayer Sample.

The Official Action RPG Sample

Level: Intermediate

Epic's sample project which utilizes GAS, download it from the launcher.

UX Design[edit]


Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

Though the channel doesn't directly provide topics about UE4, Razbuten talks about topics] that give a very deep insight into good and bad user experience design. The playlist Gaming for a Non-Gamer can help understanding how to design interfaces and gameplay elements in a way new or causal gamers can also enjoy your game. The videos are all quite funny so they qualify to fill a lunch break or to get a short cooldown from your project.