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*[[How Continuous Integration boosts development]]
*[[How Continuous Integration boosts development]]
*Run down on the core node types, describing each part of the node so people can learn about the details of the BP UI at a glance.
*Differences between how the Material Node Graph works vs others like BP and Particles.
*Similarities with BP but also differences.

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The purpose of this page is to let other Wiki contributors know your plans and so we can more easily collaborate on interconnecting articles.

  • It may not be a good idea to pluralize reference pages, can be linked in plural using [[Object|Objects]]. For guides such as Movement Mechanics it should be fine.
  • Remove prefix (T,F,E,U,A) like Interfaces In C++ the property system is discussed through out the page.




  • Run down on the core node types, describing each part of the node so people can learn about the details of the BP UI at a glance.


  • Differences between how the Material Node Graph works vs others like BP and Particles.


  • Similarities with BP but also differences.


When writing code for UE4 its not exactly the same as C++, there are alot of helpers and special types in the Engines API.

The C# tool chain (Build Tools) in UE4 such as UHT & UBT needs mentioning. A list of common Errors & Warnings that arise when using UHT & UBT, help point people in the right direction.
Including Editor Modules (tool plugins), Content Only Modules (blueprint plugins) etc - Not covered here Creating C++ module
Smart pointers, reference helpers and other T types. Reflection, referred to on this page as UObject System.


  • Flow Control - If / Else If / Else, While, Return, For etc (Blueprint as well)

Member Types

  • Numerical Types - Mainly in relation to Unreal Engine 4 uint32, byte. (could also contain float for completeness)
  • Compound Types - Could also be known as Structures but could possibly include, classes.
    • Vectors - Can discuss some basics on using vectors, vector operations (including dot and cross) as well as more advanced topics such as normalizing vectors (unit vectors) and conversions to rotations.
    • Rotators - Topics such as conversions to different value types such a radians, degrees, etc. More advanced Quat.
    • Colors - Include other color types such as Linear Color.
  • Container Types - Base page for all container types.
    • Arrays - All information on the different array types can be found here from TArray to Sparse.
    • Maps -How do we name Type pages Map (Container), specifies that its a container type in the title. Do we do this for all Containers?
    • Curves - Unreal Engine 4 contains many different types of curves used throughout the editor interface. (UCurveVector, UCurveFloat)
  • Functions - We could include function pointers and references. Events - Delegates
Need to work out a category for classes, interfaces, and enumerators.

Core Classes


  • Movement Mechanics - A guide to basic movement and physics in the Character Movement Component.
    • Components (CharacterMovement, FloatingPawnMovement, Movement, NavMovement, PawnMovement, ProjectileMovement, RotatingMovement)
  • Multiplayer - Networking, Authoritative Server Model, Replication (GetLifetimeReplicatedProps), Travelling.

Technical Art

  • Skeletal Meshes - Animation systems behind Skeletal Meshes as well perhaps.
    • Animation - Root motions, physics based animations.
  • Static Meshes - Can contain information on HISM and HLODs
  • Materials - Parameter Collections, Material Instancing, Layering.
    • Shaders - Expansion into deeper technical topics HLSL.
  • Post Processing
  • Particle Effects - Niagara is out of beta as of 4.25, can start pointing people towards using this as default. UParticleSystem vs UNiagaraSystem.
  • Splines - Spline Component, Spline Meshes and other topics where they may also be relevant such as relating to Curves


  • New Audio system vs old, HRTF and all the other cool things going on in Audio right now. Environmental Soundscapes using 3d audio etc.